Thursday, July 15, 2010

Join Venture

We are also seeking for company who are interested to buy our technology or to join venture with us to produce this new technology in South East Asia.

We are producing eye drop, eye cure and eye cleanser; all natural and organic ingredients includes Aloe Vera Leave Extract, Limestone Extract, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and other BioTech Ingredients.

If it is use for long term, it can eliminate eye diseases. Our eye drop can also eliminate redish and tired eyes which is also suitable for all ages.

Feel free to drop us an email or contact us.

Thank You

Monday, July 12, 2010

Childless Couple

If you and your partner had been imagining all your life what is it like to have a child and that dream seems out of reach when you have tried and tried but nothing works; you might feel grief and restless.

They said women are like fertility machine but everything you do does not seems to work and wondering why other women get pregnant so easily and unexpectedly.

We have the solution for you the natural way...You need to know what you eat and how you live.

There is no need to spend so much on medical bills, consult us and we will tell you how.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Your Monday Blues

Well, Monday is surely not the day we are looking forward to after an exciting weekend! We'll ease your mind by providing you with our kick start menu this coming and every Monday...

We will be serving our special NASI LEMAK by eating the healthy and natural way of Nasi Lemak and we bet even if you are not use to multi grain rice, you will love it! :)

This is our menu that we will also be serving as well. With the good, natural quality food that you get with this affordable price, i ensure you that your experience in ANOB will be a good one!


1. Meals of the Day (3 Dishes + Soup + Fruit + Multi Grains Rice/ White Rice)

套餐(3样蔬菜+ + 水果 + 五谷饭/ 白饭)

2. Vegetable Tom Yam + Fruit + Multi Grains Rice/ White Rice

东炎蔬菜 + 水果+ 五谷饭/ 白饭

3. Clear Vegetable Soup + Fruit + Multi Grains Rice / White Rice

蔬菜清汤 + 水果 + 五谷饭/ 白饭
4. Fried Rice (Sambal/ Cili Padi ) + Fruit + Soup

炒饭(三岜/小辣椒) + 水果 +
5. Fried Rice (Non Spicy) + Fruit + Soup

炒饭 + 水果 +

1. Nasi Lemak – Every Monday & Tuesday
椰浆饭 星期一、二
2. Yam Rice + Soup – Every Wednesday & Thursday
芋头饭 + 星期三、四
3. Pumpkin Rice + Soup – Every Friday & Saturday
南瓜饭 + 星期五、六
4. Tomato Rice + Soup – Every Sunday
番茄饭 + 星期日

  and you'll love our salad :)

We serve detox calcium juice for you....Taste the difference!

2 Mixes Juices RM 6.00 NETT
1. Carrot + Green Apple 红萝卜 + 青苹果
Protect eyes, to prevent cataract. 保护眼睛,预防白内障。
2. Potato + Green Apple 马铃薯 + 青苹果
To prevent high blood pressure, stroke, arteriosclerosis, relieves stress.
3. Tomato + Cucumber 番茄 + 黄瓜
Cleanses the urinary system, aid for healing swollen body, gives good
blood circulation, good for detoxification, improves our skin complexion.
4. Tomato + Carrot 番茄 + 红萝卜
To prevent high blood pressure, aids stomach digestion, constipation,

3 Mixes Juices RM 7.00 NETT
5. Spinach + Carrot + Green Apple 菠菜 + 红萝卜 + 青苹果
Good for tired and eyes strain, low blood pressure.

7. Potato + Carrot + Green Apple 马铃薯 + 红萝卜 + 青苹果
To prevent high blood pressure, stroke, hardening of the liver, anti-aging,
gives strong immune system.

8. Green Apple + Celery + Broccoli 青苹果 + 芹菜 + 芥兰花
To prevent high blood pressure, flu, reduce cholesterol, provides good blood

4 Mixes Juices RM 8.00 NETT
9. Green Apple + Celery + Cucumber 青苹果 + 西芹 + 甜菜根 +
Prevent flu, good for diabetics and people with high blood pressure.
10. Green Apple + Cabbage + Aloe + Carrot 青苹果 + 高丽菜 + 芦荟
+ 红萝卜
Good for high blood pressure, aids stomach digestion, improve our skin

ANOB SPECIAL (More than 5 Mixes Juices) RM 10.00 NETT
Beetroot, Green Apple, Celery, Cucumber, Cabbage, Potato and Carrot.
Good for body detoxification, for serious sickness like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer patient and etc.

Can't find us?

See you there!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Eliminate not Cure

Our knowledge towards medical science and nutrition has becoming so advanced today, thanks to all the highly build technology that allows us to study about our body process but yet there are more and more illness and disease affecting us today. Ever wonder why? A research in Harvard concluded that there are 180, 00 Americans killed in hospitals by their doctors every year.

Living in the modern world today, we are educate in a way that we believe health problems such as coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, ulcers or fever are illness that cause our body to be weak and we think that it is bad. However, this process that leads our body to react this way should be treated like the way we sweat and urinate where the body releases useless waste, acids and toxins. It is not a disease or that you are weak but it is how the whole natural process in the body works to eliminate acids in our body and to eliminate diseases!

We can help you eliminate disease and we provide consultant for you! Do not hesistate to call or email us and explain about your condition.

Does modern medication help? What's the truth?

You are what you eat!