Saturday, August 21, 2010

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Homemade Natural & Organic Multigrain Bread 
served with curry.

You will love it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are you looking for healthy multi grain bread?

We produce homemade bread which is natural & organic multi grain bread with wholemeal, no milk, no egg, no preservative, no margarine and sugar free.

Bread Of The Day
RM 9.00   Net weight: ± 400gm

Ingredients: organic sesame, natural wholemeal flour (high protein), wholemeal flour mix, rock salt, rice bran oil, organic 5 grains flour and natural yeast. Additional ingredient will be carrot/ beetroot/ pumpkin/ rice bread/ cranberries and etc.

The benefits of eating multi grain bread:

  1. Reduce the risk of heart disease by decreasing cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and blood coagulation.

  2. Reduce the risks of some forms of cancer.

  3. Reduce depression.

  4. Easily make your stomach feel "full", more satisfied & more energized.

  5. Help to reduce weight.

  6. Increase nutrition supply during pregnancy.

  7. Contain lots of B complex which is good for digestion and metabolism and carbohydrate in a better way.
This loaf is ready for direct consumption. Best served after being steamed/ toasted for few minutes just to warm up.
(For freshness, please refrigerate by 8 p.m onwards)

Feel free to contact us for reservation.
Contact: 06- 2814808

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We know but we avoid...

We all know that exercising is good not just to maintain our weight but to keep our body healthy.. Eating the right food and practicing the right diet will not detoxified your body if we do not exercise the right way...

One of the most important routine to be practice during diet must be accompanied with exercise or you might get fatter with time. Never be over joy when your weight initially drops during your diet period as such weight loss consist mostly water and muscles.  The bad news is when the weight returns, it turns to fat so you should exercise regularly to increase your metabolism. Exercising and food comes along together to lose weight.
Why should you exercise?

  1. Reduce the risk of getting heart disease and high blood pressure
  2. Prevent obesity and diabetes, maintain your weight
  3. Keeps your muscles flexible
  4. Reduce ageing and less likely to catch cold
  5. Release stress and anxiety, making you sleep soundly at night
  6. Increases energy and endurance
  7. Calms your mind and improve your breathing
To start light, select an exercise routine that you are comfortable. Walking is a good exercise as it burns calories, stimulates blood circulation and helps lower cholesterol levels. The best time to walk is early in the morning and evening as the sun rays is low. Remember to hydrate yourself before and while walking. Drink a big glass of water 30 minutes before you start to walk and take water break every 20 minutes. Protect your skin with lotion and wear a hat to avoid sunburn. When you body shows signs of dizzy and nauseous, rest for a while as it have enough heat and exertion for the moment. Never force yourself to continue if your body could not take it anymore.

While working or facing the computer, try to take some time to go to the toilet or move around and stretch your body. Hold the stretch for ten slow counts and take at least two deep breaths for each position.
A whole body massage is also good for your blood circulation and muscle if you seek for a relaxation option.  After exercise, do get a good bad like sauna and steam bath and spend about half and the hour to one to clean and scrub yourself.