Monday, October 25, 2010

Goodness of Edamame

You might love Edamame but do you know where these small little peas that gives us high protein and energy come from?  They are known as young soybeans and the Asian culture especially the Japanese have been eating Edamame for centuries. It is very popular now even in western countries due to their health benefits, goodness of soy products and is easy to prepare. 

If you ever thought of biting potato chips why not try Edamame as they are great for appetizer and also healthy snack. 

Do you know that each half cup of Edamame has four grams of heart-healthy fiber which can helps lower your cholesterol levels?
It also helps to lower the risk of heart disease and is use as a replacement of protein source.

Edamame also helps to maintain bone density and it is a good source of calcium which can help you maintain strong teeth and bones.

Craving for one??

We have variety of Edamame serve here…and you will love it!

Edamame Inari

Hiyashi Mee Soya

Edamame Maki


Salad Tofu

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